Work agile – less and with better results

Avoid costly mistakes and get clear guidance on how to react appropriately and quickly to changing situations.

But implementing agility is not that easy…

  • You don't finish projects on time and repeat the same mistakes again.
  • People in the team are too passive and can't personally handle more complex tasks on their own.
  • Management is chaotic, and work has no clear rhythm.
  • The different teams do not cooperate.

AL - problémy-2

In 85% of cases, agility helps – Deploying an agile approach improved results and reduced overload significantly.

Set a healthy environment and shift responsibility and decision-making to the people in the team. As an agile leader, you set direction, support, and lead the team to success.


“Shine Consulting's trainings, workshops and seminars are always professionally prepared with excellent knowledge of the issues and a strong overlap of the latest findings from psychology, sociology and neuroscience. It is this overlap that gives me the most sense and added value for professional training with Shine Consulting.

Pavel Janda
Technical Director, S-power Energies, s.r.o.

Move from management and control to leadership

Management and Control

❌ You set tasks and wait for the desired result.

❌ You constantly check deadlines and monitor resource utilization.

❌ You make all the decisions and waste your valuable time.


You delegate tasks and make information available to the team.

✅ You maintain a dialogue with the team and are available when needed.

✅ You create an environment where continuous improvement avoids repeated mistakes.

Agile leadership is a mindset shift from "I know what is needed and who will do what" to "We will achieve something together".

Become an agile leader and master agility so that it helps you.

The improvement will be visible and measurable and will come during the program.

You'll fall in love with agile leadership, which will become a real helper in achieving your goals. You'll get free time to do the things you need and want to do.

We leverage our 25 years of experience working with over 778 companies.

“After the experience with SHINE, most colleagues today cannot imagine that we should do it any other way. We don't understand how we could have done it "so stupidly" before.”

Miroslav Ostrý



Zjistěte více o programu Mistr projektů 5.0

Připravili jsme pro vás zdarma webinář, kde vás v 60 minutách seznámíme s obsahem vzdělávacího programu Mistr projektů 5.0.

Objevte v sobě mistra projektů - webinář

We designed the program specifically for

Leaders of organizations and teams

The right leader sets direction, engages and empowers key people, delegates very well, responds to changes and innovates.

If you want to succeed in a time of rapid change, you can't do without an autonomous team. 

Learn how to create a team culture so that people truly work together thanks to agility.


Suitable for leadership positions such as

Chief Officer (CEO, CTO, CFO), HR manager, department head, team leader, head of project managers, and project sponsor.


“At Shine, there are professionals who can really help. They are practitioners, not theorists. And it all fits together, plus it's very simply presented.

Ondřej Koníček
Group Project Manager, Mattoni 1873


“For me satisfaction, the course met my expectations (content and technical readiness), the lecturer was excellent.

Petr Nacházel
CEO, Edera Group a.s.

3 reasons why to be an agile leader

  • You will stop the constant merry-go-round of operations - tasking, checking, and urging something you were promised.
  • You and your people will work much better together, continuously improve and confidently achieve the results you want.
  • You'll be able to maximize value for the customer by giving time and for giving money.

In Agile Leader 5.0, you'll discover how to really put agility into practice.

Introduction of the program

You will develop your assignment that you can use directly in practice.

The tutor is fully committed to you due to the limited number of participants.

You meet with participants 2 times a month from the comfort of your office or home.

You will get feedback on what you are working on from tutors and others.

You will receive the instructions and procedures you need to use in a given situation.

A recording of every online meeting is always available to you.


“Excellent - professional approach, great digitalisation of processes, valuable content, experienced and likeable lecturer. I liked the fact that I had to prepare myself between courses - online content and work on homework independently. The course was well balanced in terms of the balance of theory and practice - information from the lecturer and group work. I liked the extra space for discussion and practice on the second training day. The best training course I have attended so far.

Olga Kocourková
Club Manager, SATS

What you get in this program

Within 2 weeks, you will have a much better understanding of what is necessary for agile leadership to work. 

  • You will avoid mistakes: You will save valuable time learning different agile practices and avoid common mistakes through trial and error.
  • You'll get understandable guidance: you'll know how to progress in agile to achieve success.
  • You won't be alone: You'll be able to engage the people around you in the right way and get rid of the feeling of not knowing which way to go.

You will have more time for creative work, your personal life and development. Your colleagues will see you as a competent leader.

Internationally accredited for certification and re-certification according to IPMA®.   
Inspired by principles of PRINCE2® methodology. PMI® compatible. 
Participants receive a certificate validating the completion of 8 hours of training 
(Interactive training and self-study using microlearning videos and individual tasks with feedback).


IPMA® is the most widely used model worldwide that describes the competencies of a project manager. Within our team, we have participated in designing IPMA certification procedures in the Czech Republic and worldwide. Therefore, we know that our know-how is perfectly compatible with this standard. So you can use your new knowledge in the certification exam if you decide to take it in the future.

You will be guided by

Experienced, internationally certified trainers and consultants with 25 years of experience will show you their working practices.


Ing. Josef Hajkr, Ph.D., MBA

Senior consultant, mentor and lecturer

25 years in project management as a project manager, consultant, and lecturer in companies such as Konica Minolta a.s., L´Oreál a.s., and Doosan Bobcat.

Long-time lecturer in Executive MBA project management programs.

Zdenko Staníček

RNDr. Zdenko Staníček, Ph.D.

Senior consultant, mentor and lecturer

30 years in project management as a project manager, consultant, and lecturer in companies such as Škoda Auto, ABSjets, ZF Engineering.

First ever "Certified Project Manager" (IPMA Level A®) in the Czech Republic.

We bring you proven skills and long-term experience from successful international companies.

“I have attended several training courses under the guidance of SHINE trainers, and they have always been the best on the market.”

Jindřich Zmidloch

Senior IT Project Manager, Raiffeisenbank

Program Agile Leader 5.0

Become a respected leader in just 2 short weeks

To guarantee you the highest level of quality education, we have significantly limited the number of participants.


In one-half day, you will learn

  • "Agility diamond" - what agility is about, when to use it and when to avoid it.
  • How to set the right intention in a team and avoid misunderstandings.
  • What are the 4 tasks of an agile leader, and what strengthens and kills motivation.

In one-half day, you will learn

  • "The Horseshoe Model" - discover why some teams are successful and others are not.
  • How to work with the culture of a team to get people to work together in a truly agile way.
  • "10 Steps to Agile" - how to systematically work towards an agile team and project culture.

“It is a well-prepared course with unique project management content.”

Viktor Golka

Project Management Controller - Komerční banka

“SHINE will take you further. It will show you how to grasp and realize your goals.”

Miloslav Pospíšil

Senior manager Technical department – Bang & Olufsen

Agilní lídr 5.0 se uskuteční

15. 6. a 22. 6. 2023 v časech 8:30 - 12:00

Počet míst je omezen. Prvních 15 lidí získá program za zvýhodněnou cenu.

Nevyhovuje vám termín? Zůstaňme spolu v kontaktu.

Každé dva týdny obdržíte novinky z digitálního projektového řízení spolu s informacemi o našich vzdělávacích programech.

Josef Hajkr_kompr

Josef Hajkr

CEO Shine Consulting

Summary of everything you get

Agile leader 5.0 (Valued 485 USD)

  • 4x90 minutes of interactive online program
  • Learn how to use an agile approach in work to achieve the desired project outcomes and business value!
  • You will get clear guidance on how to use your energetic essence for success. 

"10 Steps to Agile" guide (Valued 113 USD)

  • You'll get concrete guidance on how to build an agile way of cooperation gradually.

30 microlearning courses (Valued 49 USD)

  • Thanks to the support of, you will get access to easy-to-understand online tutorials on digital productivity, security, and privacy, agility, management skills, trends and innovations, Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace for six months.

IPMA certificate proving completion of training hours (Valued 268 USD)

  • We have been involved in the design of the IPMA CZ certification procedures. So we know that the know-how we have learned goes beyond the exam questions. You will receive a total of 8 accredited hours.
915 USD per person
If you have more than 6 people on your team, it is worthwhile to implement this development program on a bespoke basis taking advantage of our special pricing.

"Sázka na SHINE Consulting byla dobrou volbou. Již po krátkém čase jsme si jisti, že vložené úsilí i náklady se nám v mnohém vracejí a do budoucna vracet budou.”

Tomáš Dolejš


“Profesionalita SHINE se prokázala i v online světě. Odvedli opravdu perfektní práci a spolupráci s nimi můžeme vřele doporučit všem, kteří chtějí realizovat školení zaměřené na řízení projektů pro své zaměstnance."

Dana Kvolková

HR Manažer, PULS investiční s.r.o.


I want to join AGILE LEADER 5.0 program


“My experience with Shine has always been excellent and I recommend it to colleagues. The training greatly exceeded my expectations, it was much more comprehensive than I had anticipated. I also went through the accompanying materials with interest.

Irena Motyková
IT Project Manager, IBM


“This topic is completely new to me, so I have a head full of information and some things were harder for me to grasp at the time. However, I realised that we already intuitively use a few of the 'agile' steps in the company and the course gave us the opportunity to fill in the missing pieces and continue to deepen our ability to use this way of leading people going forward.

Andrea Habešová
Chief accountant, Monitoring RC System s.r.o.