Achieve what you want, in the projects, in the meetings.
With your customers, investors, partners, teams. Faster. Easier.

Get the almost unfair advantage over everybody else. Benefit from combining your genius with the most powerful influence and negotiation tools.

WEBINAR will be held on November 19, 2024

You are a very experienced professional, highly intelligent person and you offer great products or services. And you cannot understand how some people with much less skills can

have so huge impact and fame

acquire so much customers

get so much more investment

make best people work with them

get awarded for their mediocre projects

make so much more money

If you can relate at least to half of them, continue reading.

Now imagine you have the influence, persuasion and negotiation skills like them.

What if you and your team were 5 times more productive and energized than ever before. Your Genius tells you when you are in flow. So get there also in your project work.

Use your genius and get what you want

You will get the key insights into the art of influence and negotiation and how are those related to your genius profile.

During the one-hour webinar you will get

the overview of 7 Keys to Influence method

3 key negotiation prerequisites

how does it link to your genius profile

how you can use it all in your projects

"We can highly recommend cooperation with SHINE Consulting."

Peter Miňo

Senior Manager, RWE Gas Storage, s. r. o.

Your webinar mentor

Ivana Šedivá - profil

For almost 30 years she has gained experience in board level positions at McDonald's or Johnson & Johnson.

You will benefit from her experience in  leading and coaching many influential meetings, presentations and many negotiations with great results. 
You will benefit from many trainings and workshops she went though herself, including the Hostile Negotiation workshops from FBI legendary negotiators.

Now she's passing on her experience to owners and CEOs at successful startups and companies around the world. She has mentored more than 650 startups around the world and thousands of business people have attended her workshops and lectures.
Don't miss it.

Ivana SEDIVA - Professional mentor and business coach

Your webinar mentor

Josef Hajkr

The webinar is part of the comprehensive SHINE program for project management in the third millennium.

"As of January 2021, I am dedicating more than half of my time to international projects. I use practices that really work in project management".

Josef HAJKR - CEO SHINE Consulting

"SHINE's professionalism has proven itself in the online world. They did a really perfect job and we can highly recommend cooperation with them to everyone who wants to implement project management training for their employees.”

Dana Kvolková

HR Manager, PULS investiční s.r.o.

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