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Projects are going well, deadlines are being met and the team is working together...

Does it sounds like science-fiction to you? Discover with us your project management genius in AI age.

WEBINAR WILL TAKE PLACE on October 24, 2023

We have been helping hundreds of clients during covid.
Come and join us.

Does it sound familiar? Science-fiction or reality?

 You have too many tasks, not enough time and people in the team are not motivated.

 Projects have unclear assignments with frequent changes and do not achieve the desired results.

 You often feel overloaded, lost in a complex process and have no one to turn to.


In today's fast-paced AI world, practicality is important. There is no space to make things complicated.

There is no time to invent procedures and go the trial-and-error route. Everything has to be immediately usable.

Join our webinar and make reality from your fictional story.

Come and join our webinar to find out:

How to make sure that none of these challenges are happening to you ever again

During the one-hour webinar you will learn

Simple project management tips and tricks in the AI age.

How we, in Shine, manage projects with ease through our Triangle of Change methodology.

How to successfully incorporate agility into your practice and the power of online environments and the AI age.

How to solve tasks easily, avoid mistakes and immediately apply everything in practice.

“This webinar exceeded my expectations I can recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their skills in the field of digital project management."

Jakub Lánský

Senior Process Engineer, Continental

Our experts

Took time out of their busy schedules to show you how to make sense of things in this complicated world.

Josef Hajkr

In this webinar, I will present the latest practices from the project's world.
Since January 2021, I have been devoting more than half of my time to international projects. I use practices that really work in project management

Josef HAJKR - CEO SHINE Consulting

Michael Motal_kompr

In this webinar, I'll show you proven project management tips.
I connect people, systems and workflows with an emphasis on simplicity, practicality and meaningfulness. As of May 2020, I am working fully online.

Michael MOTAL - Senior consultant SHINE Consulting

Finally great results - Simple, Speedy, Successful
Project Management 5.0

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