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Simplify your project management approach and increase revenue quickly by mastering the right habits and leveraging your unique strengths

Master your project genius in 4 weeks.
You'll manage projects in an agile environment with ease, confidence and calm.

Managing projects is not easy…

Everything is complicated, simple and practical instructions are missing - the project is delayed and made more expensive.

You fail to create a project team that is truly motivated and pulling together.

Everyone is overwhelmed with tasks and you are extinguishing conflicts instead of leading.

You are often on your own, with no one to help you and no one to thank you at the end.

69 % of projects did not meet the objectives


Your ability to lead a project properly fundamentally affects the performance and productivity of the entire team.

Dear entrepreneurs,

today's times are full of change. Business models that worked before are completely unworkable. Everyone has ideas for solutions. We can all create bold promotion plans. But an idea becomes a good idea when you can bring it to fruition quickly and when someone buys the new product or service. We all know that if we want to create something worthwhile, it depends on working with other people. Whether it's family, sport, art or business.

That’s why we created the Master Your Project Genius 5.0!

We have put the most useful things into this program we have discovered during our 25 years of practice. Just the simple and practical things that we use ourselves and that have helped us to successfully cope with times of crisis. Master Your Project Genius 5.0 is constantly being improved and innovated thanks to the 778+ companies that have passed it so far.

Thanks to Wealth and Talent Dynamics typology you will find with our help your project genius and become the Master of your projects. You will get yourself and the people around you to "flow". In just one month, you will master all the essentials under our guidance.

Josef Hajkr_kompr
Josef Hajkr

You can master project management when you use the right processes and tools.

Our approach is based on the Triple Constraint.

The Triple Constraint principles are now used in daily work by more than 778 companies that can no longer imagine project management without it.

Benefit from our 25 years of experience and achieve great results with our revolutionary methodology.

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Shine - reference- dolejš tomáš

“To bet on SHINE Consulting was a good choice. After a short time, we are sure that invested efforts and money are paying off in many ways. It was an investment to the future."

Tomáš Dolejš



Zjistěte více o programu Mistr projektů 5.0

Připravili jsme pro vás zdarma webinář, kde vás v 60 minutách seznámíme s obsahem vzdělávacího programu Mistr projektů 5.0.

Objevte v sobě mistra projektů - webinář

Finally great results - meaningfully, simply and humanly

Project Management 5.0


“Project methods by Shine are well thought out and truly practical. No fluff. While consulting my everyday project management problems I always received simple and genius solutions which are based on many years of experience. Shine consultants are truly world class.

Martin Šusta
Business Analyst / Architect, ICT Manager / Project manager

We have packaged the Triple Constraint processes into Master Your Project Genius 5.0 program

Program is designed specifically for


Project managers


Group 36
Group 21

Are you an Entrepreneur?

In recent years, project management has undergone a radical revolution, enabling modern entrepreneurs to achieve better outcomes with less time and money, while maintaining clarity and composure.

By leveraging agile practices and technology, project managers can now seamlessly collaborate with team members working from both office and home, achieving greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Are you Project manager?

Learn how to manage projects in a digital world. Stop thinking about procedures. Get a simple and actionable guide on how to deliver your projects successfully.

Have you ever wondered: "How can projects be completed on time and within a budget?" Our program Master Your Project Genius 5.0 will give you all the answers.

Group 22
Group 23

Are you Freelancer?

Learn the best practices to manage and oversee projects properly. Projects will be successful, and you will work with ease and joy.

3 důvody proč se programu zúčastnit

V programu Mistr projektů 5.0 se naučíte vše podstatné od správného zahájení projektu až po jeho úspěšné ukončení.

Group 24
Dozvíte se, jak si ujasnit smysl projektu, vytvořit dobré zadání a nenechat si projekt přerůst přes hlavu.
Group 25
Naučíte se myslet a jednat agilně, jak vést správně projektové porady a jednoduše pracovat s riziky.
Group 26
Budete vědět, jak využít svých vrozených vlastností a rozvíjet vnitřní motivaci spolupracovníků.

What you will learn on the program Master Your Project Genius 5.0

You will be masters of your projects in 4 weeks

You will learn the essentials from the right way to start a project to the successful completion.

You'll know how to foster and develop intrinsic motivation in your collaborators.

You will learn how to clarify the purpose of the project, create a good brief and not let the project go over your head.

You will apply knowledge directly into practice and receive immediate feedback.

You'll learn how to think and act agile, how to conduct good project meetings and how to work with risks in a simple way.

You will work on your own project and do your own work.

What you get in this program

You will learn how to manage uncertainty and change in your projects effectively and with clarity.

You'll be more professional: You will become an indispensable member of the team and you will get rid of the feeling that you don't know where to go.

Save time: you get a practical and simple guide to projects, even in a hybrid environment.

You will have completed your own work: you will develop your own projects and get feedback from the tutors and other participants.

This will give you all more time for creative work, personal life and your further development. You will gain more energy and satisfaction.

Your mentors

Experienced, internationally certified trainers and consultants with 20+ years of experience will show you their own working practices.

Josef Hajkr_kompr

Josef Hajkr

Senior consultant, mentor and lecturer

20 years in project management as a project manager, consultant and lecturer in companies such as ThermoFisher or L'ORÉAL. Teacher at the Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp.

Přemysl Hoffmann

Premysl Hoffmann

Senior consultant, mentor and lecturer

20 years in project management as a project manager, consultant and lecturer in companies such as ThermoFisher or L'ORÉAL. Teacher at the Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp.

Thanks to the fact that we work for large companies, we provide small companies with know-how that they would not normally have access to.

zdvorily tomas - transparent

“Just after one session we made changes in planning projects with my team. And I can say that applying Shine methodology took 4 hours but we made more progress in those 4 hours than 3 months prior to this microschool. My colleagues said “We needed something like this for so long!”. I am looking forward to the next project. Projects are finally fun and exciting to do.

Tomáš Zdvořilý
IT manager, Recovera

Master Your Project Genius 5.0 program will take place

22.5. - 19.6. 2023

The number of places is limited. The first 15 people will receive the program at a special price.


Exact dates and times are as follows:

Onboarding: 22.5. 2023 ❘ 8 - 9 a.m. ❘ 4 - 5 p.m. GMT (UK)

Tuesday: 23.5., 30.5., 6.6. and 13.6. 2023 ❘ 8 - 11 a.m. ❘ 4 - 7 p.m. GMT

Monday Q&A: 19.6. 2023 ❘ 8 - 9 a.m. ❘ 4 - 5 p.m. GMT

Summary of everything you get

Master Your Project Genius 5.0 program – Valued 970 USD

Master Your Project Genius Toolbox 5.0 – Valued 160 USD

Bonus 60minute Q&A session – Valued 68 USD

Full GeniusU Mentor Status – Valued 970 USD

Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind (G.E.M.) – Valued 970 USD

Master Your Project Genius 5.0 for Microsoft environment – Valued 109 USD

30 microlearning courses – Valued 49 USD

10 additional project thinking videos – Valued 22 USD

Summary of everything you get

Mistr projektů 5.0 – Záměr + Lidé + Prostředí (Hodnota 13 800 Kč)

  • Teprve až víte, kam přesně jdete, tak máte šanci tam dojít.
  • Odhalíte, jak v lidech probudit jejich vnitřní motivaci a nasměrovat ji na daný projekt.
  • Nastavíte pravidla, která vám pomáhají a mnohdy udělají práci za vás.

Toolbox Mistr projektů 5.0 (Hodnota 3 900 Kč)

  • Digitální pracoviště - zjednodušíte si přípravu, plánování i řízení celého projektu. Na nic podstatného nezapomenete a ušetříte hodiny práce. Pracoviště obsahuje další vychytané dokumenty a pracovní nástěnku s prostorem k týmové diskuzi i tvorbě.
  • Sebeaudit - jednoduchým dotazníkem zhodnotíte, jaké důsledky na projekt má váš aktuální způsob řízení. Sebehodnocení vám výrazně pomůže soustředit se na to podstatné.
  • Kontrolní seznam technik - zkontrolujete, jestli jste použili techniky a postupy z kurzu správně. Vyvarujete se zbytečných chyb a zvýšíte tak svoje mistrovství.
  • Mapa projektové porady - spolehlivý navigátor pro projektovou koordinační poradu (status meeting). Porada proběhne rychle, efektivně a na nic důležitého nezapomenete.

 100 microlearningových kurzů (Hodnota 1 590 Kč)

  • Díky podpoře získáte na šest měsíců přístup k srozumitelným online návodům na téma digitální produktivita, bezpečnost a soukromí, agilita, manažerské dovednosti, trendy a inovace, Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace.

Bonusová Q&A lekce na 60 minut (Hodnota 1 500 Kč)

  • Získáte od lektorů konkrétní zpětnou vazbu a doporučení přesně k situaci, která vás trápí.

10 doplňkových videí projektového myšlení (Hodnota 490 Kč)

  • Získáte přístup na šest měsíců k unikátním autorským videím z dílny SHINE.

Certifikát dokládající absolvování tréninkových hodin IPMA (Hodnota 11 800 Kč)

  • Podíleli jsme se na návrhu certifikačních postupů IPMA. S jistotou tedy víme, že námi učené know how informačně přesahuje rámec otázek ke zkoušce. Získáte celkem 16 akreditovaných hodin.

Mistr projektů 5.0 pro Microsoft prostředí (Hodnota 2 600 Kč)

  • Návod, jak naše unikátní postupy využít v rámci Microsoft prostředí a produktů. Tento návod je jednoduše překlopitelný do jiných nástrojů.

Value of Master Your Project Genius 5.0

3 318 USD
Regular price
1 495 USD
Reduced price (first 15 participants)
970 USD
You will save 2 348 USD


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More than 6 participants?

If you want to enroll more than 6 people, book a call with Shine Consulting CEO, Josef Hajkr. We will tailor our knowledge for your company and you can choose a date which suits you better.

Contact us if you have any questions

Josef Hajkr_kompr

Josef Hajkr
CEO Shine Consulting

“If you are interested in a bespoke masterclass, let's arrange an online meeting to discuss your needs. We will then prepare a quote specifically for you.”


Veronika Muselíková
Community Builder

“If you have any questions about the Master Your Project Genius 5.0 program, please don't hesitate to contact me.”