10.10. – 3.11.2022 ONLINE


Increase your productivity by 30%

Build and train a motivated project team thanks to which you can quickly innovate and grow. Meaningfully, simply, practically.

Improve your project management with simple processes and practical solutions.

Limited number of places and discounted price for first registrants.
This program will run for 4 weeks online.



Do you find the organisation of projects overwhelming? 

 Don't know where to start, how to organize a project properly?

Not knowing how to properly select the right people and how to involve them in the project so that everything is not left up to you?

Are you failing to create a project team that is motivated and pulling together?

Are you getting lost in the details and lacking clear guidance?

Do you have too many tasks and not enough time?

With Master Your Project Genius 5.0, you'll gain confidence in managing projects. Great project results will speak for you and you'll enjoy your work more. 

Coordinate your team with ease and confidence, not just online.

Combine traditional and agile management into a meaningful whole and improve your project management in four weeks.


Research data shows


69 % of projects did not meet the objectives


19% of projects failed completely and 50% did not meet their objectives. Only 31% of projects were successful.


345 billion
in revenue losses worldwide


Estimated revenue losses due to lack of qualified project managers in the period 2019-2030.




The global economy needs 25 million new project managers by 2030. 


3,2 % of
with project skills


By 2030, 3.2% of all jobs globally will require project skills. 

How is it possible that despite a long history of project management and the efforts of several global communities, many projects are still unsuccessful? 

Projects do not have a clear purpose and goal. The people involved in the projects can't or won't. There are either too few or too many rules. The overall organization of projects is chaotic. Project methodologies and procedures are often too complex. 

Avoid it. Simply buying software tools is not enough. Project management has always been, is and will always be about people's knowledge and motivation.

At SHINE, we value our clients' time. That's why we put our heads together and created Project Master 5.0, a program that contains the most important things you should know and do in your role as a project manager. 


7 reasons to take part in the programme 

We´ll teach you the nitty-gritty of project management principles for entrepreneurs. No project will ever get out of hand again.

We'll show you how to clarify the purpose of your project, create a good brief and avoid endless changes.

We'll teach you how to think and act agile, create flexible plans and useful outcomes.

We'll show you how to work effectively and easily with risks.

After completing the course, you will know how to support and develop intrinsic motivation in your co-workers.

You won't let a project go over your head and you'll learn how to stay on top of things to make the right decisions.

We will teach you how to conduct project meetings well and quickly.



Dates of the programme

Four weeks packed with training, support group work and immediate feedback. The opportunity to study from microlearning courses and learn not only from the trainers but also from other participants. 

MYPG - fall timeline-1

The launch of Master Your Project Genius 5.0 and all lessons will be recorded and if you miss one, you can listen to it afterwards.

Become a Master Your Project Genius 5.0 and handle projects with peace of mind and joy.

The training programme is designed mainly for

Leaders and Entrepreneurs

future project manager

Are your project team (people) coming to you to solve the problems they should be solving themself? 


project manager

Do you want your project team to work better together, be more motivated and manage more projects?



Do you want to improve your project management skills with simple techniques and practical solutions?