Develop what you really need for project management

Save energy and money on inappropriate educational choices. Don't waste your precious time.

Capable people are worth their weight in gold, and it's not easy to get and keep them

You can wait for ages until life brings a skilled colleague your way, or you can search and hunt for talent.

Our recipe at SHINE is to educate and develop people in the right project capabilities they need most.

We have 25 years of experience in project management to support 778 companies.





“Betting on SHINE Consulting was a good choice. After a short time, we are sure that the efforts and costs we have invested are paying off in many ways. We will cooperate with Shine in the future.”

Tomáš Dolejš

Developing project managers is not easy

They can't devote 3 - 5 days to courses and put their projects on hold.

They don't want to learn the same things over and over again but only the things that will help them.

They need the certainty of outcome and to learn simple, actionable techniques.

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.”

- Henry Ford

The world has changed - project management has changed

Methodologies and the "I have a tool that solves everything for me" approach are not enough. Within our unique Project Management 5.0 approach, people are essential.

People's productivity has three pillars - CHARACTERS, ATTITUDES AND CAPABILITIES.


A suitable typology test will help us to determine the characters.

Attitudes are closely related to your motivation, the meaningfulness of your work, a fair salary, and the setting of the environment.

Capabilities are about knowledge, skills, and how we can use them in different project situations.

We start with capabilities because that's where we can create the fastest positive outcome for the team and the company.

How do you effectively develop people's capabilities in project management?

The starting point for effective capability development is understanding how the individual, the team, and all organizations manage projects.

The competency-based approach has worked well for us in practice.

COMPETENCIES are the set of knowledge, skills, and forms of behavior to enable people manage projects successfully.

We can target to improve the necessary contextual, technical, and social competencies through an appropriate development program.


Zjistěte více o programu Mistr projektů 5.0

Připravili jsme pro vás zdarma webinář, kde vás v 60 minutách seznámíme s obsahem vzdělávacího programu Mistr projektů 5.0.

Objevte v sobě mistra projektů - webinář

“Shine's approach and preparation were of a very high standard. We believe that in a few months, we will be able to show off what we have achieved.”

R&D Management Team, ComAp

The best way to improve is to focus your attention the right way.

An individual's success is based on personal competencies.

The success of a team is based on the shared competencies of the team members.

The success of an organization is based on its departments.

Kompetence - outline (1)

“I would like to highlight the professional approach and careful preparation of SHINE Consulting, whose approach was always effective and motivating.”

Martin Končok
Head of Department FS,
ENGEL company

If we focus our attention accurately from the beginning, we save time and money, and we get results much sooner and with more certainty.

The SHINE competence approach

Our approach is based on the most widely used international competency model IPMA®. We created our simple competency model that includes a set of online self-assessment tests for competencies at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

FREE Project management competencies test

Designed for individuals interested in the topic of project management

  • You will learn your level of project management capabilities.
  • You will get recommendations on how to start developing your capabilities based on your level.
  • You will see how the principle of self-assessment questionnaires works in practice.


  • Short self-assessment test
  • Instant feedback in the form of an online document

Only 5 minutes

Individual project management capability

Designed for individuals who want to set their development in a purposeful yet natural way in project management

  • You will find out how you are doing with your project competencies and in comparison with others.
  • Learn what knowledge and skills you need to improve and complement.
  • You will be clear about your optimal development path.


  • Online self-assessment Individual project management capability test.
  • Written report with comments.
  • Half-hour online individual report consultation with a SHINE expert.

It will take 30 minutes 
Price 135 USD

I want to have a more successful company, and that's why I'm educating my employees

Team project management  capability

Designed for project teams and their leaders

  • You will find out how the team is doing with project competencies.
  • You will learn what knowledge and skills you need to improve and complement the team.
  • You will have clarity on how to set up a development program for the whole team.
  • You will be able to measure the improvement at the end of the development program


  • Online self-assessment Individual project management capability test for each member of the project team
  • Summary written report with comments on the whole team.
  • A two-hour online consultation about the summary report for the team leader with the SHINE expert.

It will take 30 minutes / person
Price 905 USD

Organization project management capability

Designed for organizational leaders and managers who have a project culture to develop in charge


  • Includes everything within the Team project management capability offer.
  • In addition, you will know the overall level of your company's project culture and how to develop the company project culture properly.
  • You will be able to measure the overall improvement of your organization after implementing the necessary changes.


  • Online self-assessment Individual project management capability test for each member of the project team
  • Self-Assessment of the organization's project culture - online.
  • Written summary report with comments on the team.
  • A three-hour online consultation on both summaries reports with a SHINE expert.

It will take 2 x 30 minutes / person
Price 1812 USD