First choice for freelancers and team members

Tame the chaos with project management tools. 

Avoid wasting your valuable time and energy by managing project tasks in the digital age. 

It can be hard to jump into a project…

You don't know how to get uncertainty and frequent changes under control.

You have trouble keeping track of tasks and dividing work with others.

You want to be a valuable member of project team but you don't know how to do it.

500 hours a year you waste in front of the computer due to poor digital and project skills


Yet, by applying the right practices, you can increase personal and team productivity and thus confirm that you are an important part of the project team.

In Project Thinking 5.0, you'll learn to solve and complete complex tasks in the digital AI age clearly.

The improvement will be visible and measurable and will come during the program.

Project Thinking 5.0 will become a real helper for you to achieve your goals, and at the same time, you will gain free time for things you want and need to focus on.

We leverage 25 years of our experience working with over 778 companies.

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“I consider the Project Thinking course one of the most helpful courses I have ever taken.

Eva Sojáková
Professional Development Specialist, Czech National Bank



Zjistěte více o programu Mistr projektů 5.0

Připravili jsme pro vás zdarma webinář, kde vás v 60 minutách seznámíme s obsahem vzdělávacího programu Mistr projektů 5.0.

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Who is this for

We have designed the program especially for

Employees - team members

The program is also suitable for

Beginner managers


Group 36
Group 21

Employees - team members

Become a professional and valuable member of the team.

With a project mindset, you'll complete complex tasks quickly and easily.

Learn proven procedures and solve every project requirement with peace of mind.

Beginner managers

Complete tasks with clarity and quickly. Organizing more complex matters in collaboration with others will no longer be a problem for you.

Group 22
Group 23


Handle each new collaboration with ease and adapt quickly. Complete tasks calmly and on time.

Is this program for you?

Project Thinking 5.0 is for those who want to save time with proven gadgets from project management.

It is NOT for you if

❌ you have practical experience in project management

❌ you want to learn how to manage entire projects

❌ you are comfortable with your current style of task performance and do not want to improve

It is for you if

you need to use selected practices from project management that will save you time

✅ you increasingly coordinate your team and collaborate on more complex tasks

✅ you need to find a style that suits you and your characters

If you want to learn how to better manage projects from start to finish, choose the program Master Your Project Genius 5.0.

3 reasons to participate in the program

In Project Thinking 5.0, you will learn several easy-to-use project management practices.

Group 24
Save up to 60 minutes of your time per day. You'll have more time to do what you need.
Group 25
You'll receive tips on how to get better clarity on assignments. Any difficult task will never go over your head.
Group 26
Master project work in a digital world, finally. You'll stand out professionally, and people will be happy to work with you.

Introduction of the program

You work on your assignments and on your daily work as well.

You apply the knowledge directly to practice, and you get immediate feedback.

The instructor is fully dedicated to you through sophisticated didactics.

You will receive study materials, online work templates, and personal support.

You meet the participants from the comfort of your office or home.

You focus your attention on your qualities and how to properly use them.

What you get in this program

You will learn how to manage uncertainty and changes effectively and with clarity when dealing with more complex tasks in the digital age.

You will save valuable time and avoid frequent misunderstandings.

Tasks, deadlines, and technology will no longer crush you.

Get rid of the feeling of not knowing where to go and being on your own.

You will get more time for creative work, personal life, and further development. You will be seen as a competent member of the team by your colleagues.

Group 29

Internationally accredited for certification and recertification according to IPMA®.

Inspired by principles of PRINCE2® methodology. PMI® compatible.

You will receive a certificate confirming a total of 8 training hours
(Interactive training and self-study using microlearning videos and individual tasks with feedback).

You will be guided by

Experienced, internationally certified trainers and consultants with 25 years of experience will show you their working practices.

Michael Motal

Ing. Michael Motal

Senior consultant, mentor and lecturer

25 years in project management as a project manager, consultant, and lecturer in companies such as ČNB, Česká spořitelna, Škoda Auto.

President of the IPMA for the Czech Republic from 2010 to 2016.

Přemysl Hoffmann

Ing. Přemysl Hoffmann

Senior consultant, mentor and lecturer

20 years in project management as a project manager, consultant, and lecturer in companies such as LINET, ThermoFisher, L'ORÉAL.

He taught at the Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp.

Join us and gain a wealth of experience in project management.

“Professional but very human approach. The lecturer is really an expert, but knows the knowledge well to the layman. Thank you.

Tereza Čápová
Operations Capability Manager, Pilsner Urquell

Program Project thinking 5.0

The program consists of two online parts in which you will receive immediate feedback from the lecturer and other participants. In addition, you have the opportunity to study independently from other microlearning videos.

Meetings can be recorded, and if you want to revisit something, you can watch it on the recording.

  • You will understand that uncertainty is a natural part of many tasks and get it under your control.
  • You will learn to ask questions to clarify the main reason and meaning of the task.
  • You will master the formulation of goals.
  • You will learn how to involve others and to organize things properly.
  • You will learn how to create a workable plan and prioritize tasks.
  • Clarify who is working on a task and who is responsible for the outcome.
  • You will get practical guidance on how to organise a meaningful coordination meeting.
  • You will learn how to get the team working together and get the rhythm of the work right.
  • You will get feedback on your work in progress.
  • You will have the opportunity to share practical experiences with the lecturers and other participants.
  • None of your questions will go unanswered.

“The content is perfectly polished, and every word or model situation is accurately described so that the participants clearly understand the meaning and significance of what is being said. The lecturers are extremely knowledgeable and are excellent at maintaining attention and creative collaboration. It is one of those courses where you look forward to putting the theory you've learned into practice. Even after a long time, much of what was said continues to resonate with me.

Eva Sojáková
Professional Development Specialist, Czech national bank

Summary of everything you get

Group 24

Project Thinking 5.0

Value USD 355

  • 4 x 90 minutes interactive training
PT - nab

Group 25

Project Thinking Toolbox

Value USD 132

  • Digital workplace - simplify the preparation, planning, and management of strategic change. You won't forget anything important, and you'll save work hours. The workplace includes a cookbook that guides you through the preparation and handover of partial responsibilities to colleagues. And also a work board with space for team discussion and creation.
  • Self-audit - use a simple questionnaire to assess the implications of your current management style on strategic change. The self-audit will help you to focus on the essentials.
  • Techniques checklist - to check that you have used the techniques and procedures from the course correctly. Avoid unnecessary mistakes and increase your mastery.
Group 49

Group 26

30 microlearning courses

Value USD 49

  • Thanks to the support of, you will get access to easy-to-understand online tutorials on digital productivity, security, and privacy, agility, management skills, trends and innovations, Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace for six months.
MP - 100 kurzů

Group 27-2

5 additional videos about project-thinking

Value USD 14

  • You will get access to unique original videos from SHINE consulting for six months.
Group 57

Group 28

IPMA certificate proving completion of training hours

Value USD 268

  • We have been involved in the design of the IPMA CZ certification procedures. So we know that the know-how we have learned goes beyond the exam questions. You will receive a total of 8 accredited hours.
PT - nab - certificate (1)

Summary of everything you get


35 680 Kč

Běžná cena
17 800 Kč
13 800 Kč bez DPH
(platí pro prvních 15 účastníků)

Ušetříte 21 880 Kč

Mistr projektů 5.0 – Záměr + Lidé + Prostředí – hodnota 13 800 Kč

Navíc v této ceně získáte: 

Toolbox Mistr projektů 5.0 – hodnota 3 900 Kč

100 microlearningových kurzů – hodnota 1 590 Kč

Bonusová Q&A lekce na 60 minut – hodnota 1 500 Kč

10 doplňkových videí projektového myšlení – hodnota 490 Kč

Certifikát dokládající absolvování tréninkových hodin IPMA – hodnota 11 800 Kč

Mistr projektů 5.0 pro Microsoft prostředí – hodnota 2 600 Kč

Dostanete bonusy v celkové výši 21 880 Kč


12 800 Kč

Běžná cena
8 900 Kč
6 900 Kč bez DPH
(platí pro prvních 15 účastníků)

Ušetříte 5 900 Kč

Mistr projektové spolupráce 5.0 – hodnota 6 900 Kč

Navíc v této ceně získáte:

Certifikát dokládající absolvování tréninkových hodin IPMA – hodnota 5 900 Kč

Dostanete bonusy v celkové výši 5 900 Kč



If you have more than 6 people on your team, it is worthwhile to implement this development program on a bespoke basis taking advantage of our special pricing.

Project Thinking 5.0 – value 314 USD


Project Thinking Toolbox – value 132 USD

30 microlearning courses – value 49 USD

5 additional videos about project-thinking –
value 14 USD

IPMA certificate proving completion of training hours – value 268 USD

12 800 Kč
Běžná cena
8 900 Kč
Zvýhodněná cena (prvních 15 účastníků)
6 900 Kč bez DPH
Ušetříte 5 900 Kč

Zvýhodněný balíček obou programů

Program Mistr projektů 5.0 + Mistr projektové spolupráce 5.0 za zvýhodněnou cenu.

48 480 Kč
Běžná cena obou programů
26 700 Kč
Zvýhodněná cena balíčku (prvních 15 účastníků)
17 700 Kč bez DPH
Ušetříte 30 780 Kč

“Professional approach and training management. The lecturer created a friendly and relaxed atmosphere during the training. The training format was fun, although it required concentration and thinking about the trained topic.

Gabriela Štamberov

“First experience with Shine training. Well-prepared, experienced, and empathetic trainer, fun and beneficial. I enjoyed working as part of a team in an online environment.

Matěj Gala
Manufacturing Automation Manager CZ&SK, Pilsner Urquell


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More than 6 people?

If you have more than 6 people on your team, it is worthwhile to implement this development program on a bespoke basis taking advantage of our special pricing.

Contact us if you have any questions

Josef Hajkr_kompr

Josef Hajkr
CEO Shine Consulting

“If you are interested in a bespoke version, let's arrange an online meeting to discuss your needs. We will then prepare a quote specifically for you.”


Veronika Muselíková
Program support

“If you have any questions about the program, please don't hesitate to contact me.”