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Gain the know-how that will open the way to your personal digital revolution.

WEBINAR RUNS 9 Sept 2021 at 17:00 CET


Are you or your team failing to complete set tasks on time or only at the expense of free time? Are you experiencing online chaos and don't know what tools will help you to collaborate effectively remotely?

Do you want to learn how to save 90 minutes of your time each workday?

In a world that is now rapidly changing, simplicity, immediate deployment and transparency of processes and tools is key. Everything must be online.

We'll show you how to quickly adopt the right habits and succeed because of them.

And don't worry, it's surprisingly easy with the right partners.


Introducing the innovative Project Genius 5.0 microschool, which can save you up to 90 minutes of your time per day.

In this 60 min webinar, you will learn

How to succeed in today's world through personal digitalisation.

 How to avoid time overload.

 How we do things simply at SHINE and Digiskills.

 How to face the challenges of moving to online team collaboration.

 How not to repeat mistakes and learn from our experiences.

 Anything you ask about the topic.

Your guides for the webinar

Josef Hajkr

CEO SHINE Consulting

Avoid overload. Get off on the right foot in the digital world. 

Thanks to online and digital productivity, I walked 317 km in six weeks. I created a habit of going outdoors for at least 1 hour every day. I gained this time through proper online collaboration.

Let me show you how I achieved this.

Hanka Púllová

CEO Digiskills

The way we work is changing under our hands. Connecting the potential of people with the possibilities of technology, which I talked about at conferences 2 years ago, is suddenly a reality. 

Thanks to different tools I have more space to create and innovate. This is also where I have the most potential. My job is getting easier. I even have time and energy left over for nice books and walking around the countryside. It's just a matter of letting go of my curiosity and exploring what different apps and tools can help us with and start using them.

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Shine Consulting

The combination of SHINE and Digiskills offers a combination of expertise in project management and digital growth.

(25 000 +)

Hours of online training since May 2020 for our teams.

We know what really works.

(800 +)

Consulting and training days per year by our trainers.

We know what you really need.

(12 692)

Hours logged in the Digiskills portal in 2020 on digital skills and project management topics.

(11 184)

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We know how to support online learning.

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